For Newly Activated Starseeds

Crystal Generation: Age 23 to Present Day

Beings incarnated holding a higher vibration.

Development: Increased awareness and dimensional abilities to project themselves and spread light, love and ensure a smooth and permanent 5th Dimensional structure.

Purpose: To maintain the higher vibration necessary.

Indigo Generation: WWII - 1990

Incarnated with positive and negative duality in order to reflect and modify the 3rd Dimensional reality towards re-joining a higher vibration of consciousness.

Development: is governed/monitored by the intent and awareness of individuals as they discover their purpose through tests and lessons which are necessary for remembering their true form and connection to higher dimensional realities.

Indigos are here to help make the way for the crystals to hold the structure of love and abundance. This time periods for allowance from the universe is necessary in fully understanding the influences of negative content which need to be adjusted. Indigos individual transition through processing themselves in service to all and eventually waking up to the light is pertinent intel for the Crystals to not repeat and the solution drawn from the Collective Consciousness and the most benevolent plan to effectively carry their transition to completion.

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