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Rion De'Rouen and Alexander Mazzone teamed up to create a Powerful volume of Starseed Curriculum. Armed with 20 years of combined experience, they’ll share Spiritual Guidance, teach Multidimensional Awareness and Energy Manipulation Techniques. If you're ready to...

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Sedona Cosmic Awakening

Our annual Sedona Cosmic Awakening event offers a versatile panel of guest speakers including Leaders in Disclosure, Contactees, Multidimensional Healers, Light Workers and Native American Elders. With a special musical performance and red carpet soirée, it’s...

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Watch Us on ROKU TV!

With over 50,000 subscribers “Sedona Free TV” is a National/International Broadcast Station with over 10 Million Subscribers on ROKU. “Sedona Free TV” Features Documentaries, Tours of Sedona, Festivals, Red Rock landscapes, Music Videos, Galleries, Dining, Natural...

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Understanding first hand the "growing pains" that can come with a Spiritual Awakening, Team Light created Heart On Radio as a broadcast network of support and informational sharing. Together, we navigate this Divine Timeline of mass Human Evolution and major Planetary...

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Morning Coffee

Each Sunday, Rion and Alexander share their Galactic Update Live on Facebook and YouTube. Tarot cards are drawn for a forecast of the upcoming week’s 3D and 5D Energy Climate, while sharing intel on how to proactively navigate the Ascension waters. In a truly...

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Experiencers Speak Conference

Rion and Alexander discuss various techniques on identifying, shielding and transmuting the distortions of Light found within the 3rd Dimensional reality. Discernment is an important component as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness. By mastering your...

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