Welcome to Team Light Members and Associates Page. Here you will find some very gifted Healers, Channelers and Higher Frequency Facilitators. Feel Free to Explore what Team Light Has to Offer.



Name: Rion De’Rouen

“Founder of Team Light here to help facilitate Raising the Vibration of Planet Earth.”

MEDIA: Anomaly Entertainment

Products: Galactic Wands

Social Media:Unite The Collective

Sessions and Activation

Name: Lauren Ashley

“Angelic Bodyworker here to bridge systems, offering physical and emotional support through the Age of Transition.”


Reiki Master


Registered Nurse

Name: Lightstar
Visual Attunement Artist & Celestial Channel...
“Co-Founder of SAI serving as Galactic Ambassador and Teacher for Starseeds to discover gifts, and re-align to their highest Destiny.”

Services & Products:

~ Starseed Alignments

~ Destiny Path Readings

~ Divine Light Code Transmissions

~ Custom Frequency Art


Name: Standswithbear

“Co-Founder of SAI serving as Galactic Ambassador and Teacher specializing in Starseed Re-awakening and their Activations.

”Services & Products:

~ Psychic Readings

~ Holographic DNA Restructurization

~ Starseed Activations

~ Musical Alchemy

Musical Alchemist & Celestial Channel

Name: Tina Campbell

Celestial Messenger, Galactic Ambassador & Divine Blueprint.

Services & Products:

~ Divine Blueprint Activations/Higher Perspective Readings

~ Lightwave Energy Healing Sessions

~ Akashic Record Blueprint Core Issue Healing Sessions

~ Light Code Activation Oils & Custom Activation Oils 

Name: John Farris

My name is Farris and the gift I offer the world currently is Energetic Jewelry Sculpture..

‘My Art is a Bridge to the Divine and wearing this work one can feel the power and beauty weaved and intertwined within. I humbly offer this Art in service to the One.”

Isabella A. Greene:

Remote Spiritual Healer, Happiness Coach, Mystic & Teacher. 

“Here to contribute to awakening and evolution of human consciousness. Offering assistance with physical, emotional and energetic healing, re-empowerment and creating a high vibrational life experience on Planet Earth”

Name: Devara Thunder Beat

“Creating Activational Music for a New World”

-Award Winning-

Musician, Author, Healer,
Composer, and Speaker

2012 Los Angeles Music Award
"Egyptian Sun Gods and Goddesses" 
Best Stage Musical of the Year!

Name: Jason Stiles

“Angelic Incarnate here to aid mass consciousness in the shift towards a higher frequency of Experience.”

I create sacred space and show other how to do the same.

The Architect

Name: Olya Eysmont

“Assisting you in finding and de-programming patterns, archetypes and memories in order to reach your Greatest Potential.”



Name: Giselle Koy

“My work as a Muse focuses on assisting others to their path of brilliance, no matter what the scale, whether it is personal, global or cosmic.”

I work with clients one-on-one using my gift of seeing people in their most brilliant state and helping them get there. I am also a writer who shares my spiritual and earthly adventures.

Name: Dan Gardner

“ The Wise man in the Storm Prays not for safety from Danger, but for Deliverance from Fear.”

Sedona Light Tours

Name: JoAnna McCoy

Incarnated angel, channel and healer of the Divine. Reiki Master Teacher,Ascension guide. My work purpose here is to help others heal through it by supporting their unfolding journey. As an empathic being it allows me to listen on many deeper levels to help others move forward in life and unfold their own Divine Self.

JoAnna Verse

Name: Sandra Walter

“Building Nova Earth: Toward A World That Works for Everyone.”

Golden Age of Gaia

Name: Jimmy Schaub

"Those who are awake live in a state of constant amazement. " - Buddha

E.T. Expert, Energy Worker, Public Speaker, Web Developer.

Name: Illup Gravewngaard

“Seek to be One with the Sun. Create the high vibration that will make thee One with the Whole. Blend all thyself with the Cosmos. Grow into One with the Light.” - Hermes

Illup Gravengaard has over 6 years sharing his Kejiwa elixirs across the country. His background is in natural medicine, wild herbalism, raw live-vegan nutrition, music, energy healing, yoga/meditation, graphic design, poetry, & award-winning photography.

Vitality Alchemy of Sedona


Dale and Shara, work together as a team bringing our highly intuitive insights and perceptions to help clients  clear emotional wounds, shift perspectives, release limiting belief systems and enhance awareness.”

Services we offer:

Quantum Integrative Healing sessions

Are you single and ready to attract your Divine partner?

Divine partnership coaching for couples

Resources for Body, Mind and Spirit

NAME: Ascension Earth Network

“Ascension Earth Network provides an enlightened view of global and cosmic events, galactic news, insights, wisdom, ascension tools, self mastery, and healing. “

Check out the Page for our Live Media.” Blessings


Outside of the movies, magic isn't made up of sparks of light or physical flight. Real magic is understanding the currents of energy flowing through our Universe which are similar to gravity and electromagnetism. The way we perceive these currents, which is a natural part of being human, and use them in alignment with our will, desires, and talents to better the world and have a great time doing it is the magic that I'm all about practicing and teaching.

Name: Argedawa Amu

"Creator of the 13th Dimensional Golden Key Empowerment”

For more information on the very Talented Amu, Please visit her website. :)

Name: Alexander Mazzone

Member of Team Light Activation Squad for Planet Earth. Creator of Crystal Current Jewelry and CEO of Galactic Tarot. For more information check out.