Insight on Human Ascension for Planet Earth
All Divine Sentient Beings are invited to enjoy and interact here as we attain the experience of working together in Co-creating Abundance for All. Truly, it is a pleasure to be of service during this Great Shift. Team Light is here to aid and administer as we move through these Great Changes.

“Our goal is to aid Mass Consciousness in shifting to a Higher Frequency of Existence. Through Love and Understanding this task has been set before All of Us. Together, we will be successful in truly creating Heaven on Earth.”


5D Tech.

Elevate and Accelerate with High Frequency Light Tools.

Team Light Tech

Energy Devices for Mind, Body, Spirit Wholeness.
Galactic Pyramids
Pyramid Technology for Optimal Living.
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Cosmic Surfer

In this series, we will travel beyond the veil of 3D reality to open pandora’s box of what it means to be the multi-dimensional beings we truly are.