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morning coffee

Rion tunes into the current Energetic Climate while sharing anecdotes and intel on how to proactively navigate the Ascension timeline. In fun and big brother…


Sedona Cosmic Awakening

Join our annual Galactic Family reunion in Sedona, Arizona! This 3-day activational event features an incredible lineup of speakers and musicians including Elders, Mystics, Wayshowers, Experiencers and more.To download the latest Sedona Cosmic…


cosmic surfer

Rion De’Rouen’s third eye was activated in 2009, and for the first time, he was able to see through the veil.This veil, which hides all energies outside of the visible spectrum, was now available to him, and he began to interact with his Higher Selves and…

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Heart on radio

No starseed left behind. Understanding first hand the “growing pains” that can come with a Spiritual Awakening, Team Light created Heart On Radio as a broadcast network of support and informational sharing. Together, we navigate this Divine Timeline of…

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Conscious Life Expo

 @ The Los Angeles Airport Hilton HotelSee Rion’s live Presentation and meet the Team Light family at the annual Conscious Life ExpoFor tickets visit

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