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siSTAR Code Alchemy

siSTAR CODE Alchemy is a trio of conscious collaborators united by a commitment to step into Higher Service during this auspicious timeline of our planet’s evolution. Each siSTAR has cultivated her unique healing gifts over many lifetimes. We co-create a sacred space for you to access and amplify your limitless healing potential, and upgrade your “heartware” through DNA activation of Light Codes, Wisdom Codes and Freedom Codes…for yourself and for the planet.


Intuitive Wellness is not just a holistic center for spiritual health, we are a consciousness. Our team has several individuals with unique spiritual gifts to help one discover their true selves and recover their true spirituality. We do this by providing many forms of healing such as Reiki energy healing using crystals, stones, & wands, Holophotonic light therapy for the skin using 3D hologram Biofeedback technology, Guided Meditations with and without light activation, and Holophotonic Light Activation to unlock hidden secrets about your own true identity.

T.J. Clark

Our tried and true go-to for all things supplements. This company has been in business for over 100 years and their high quality vitamin and mineral elixirs have been a Team Light favorite for nearly a decade. As the resonance of the Planet up levels, so must our bodies! We highly recommend Legendary Colloidal Minerals, MSM Liquid Supplement, and Liquid Coenzyme Q10.

Dani’el Norman

As you shift into a higher frequency of existence and become more consciously aware your soul is looking for more tools to achieve a greater understanding of who you truly are. Dani’el offers distance quantum energy healing sessions, tarot readings, and activations of light through her own Tarot deck creations. These are your tools for multidimensional transformation. As a fellow Light Warrior, she is here to help serve your greatest good and work with the highest of intentions. Your greatest version of yourself awaits you.

Aura Energy Shield

An online boutique focused on offering a collection of high-quality radiation shielding garments. AES is committed to creating and providing top quality garments that shield while offering relief from the detrimental radiation waves in our modern society. We have worked diligently to design our product line, hand tailoring each pattern, and refining our in-house process focused on soothing your Aura. Customer Tested 0.06 Microwatts per Square Meter | 99.9% Effective Reduction in RF.


Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a UFO, Vortex or Meditation tour with Best Tours of Sedona! Owner, Guide and Team Light member, Sheila Knies, combines her vast knowledge with her intuitive abilities making this a truly one of kind experience. Be sure to mention Team Light for a special discount!