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Handcrafted luxuries for Energetic Healing. All Crystal Current accessories combine science with spiritual beliefs to create personalized one-of-a-kind, beautifully handcrafted energy jewelry. By carefully aligning a current of magnetic hematite with quartz crystal, we are creating an electromagnetic field around your body that will energize and help you heal!


We combine the healing powers of pyramid technology, crystal healing, orgone tech and vortex pulsing electromagnetic field therapy technology to make phase conjugate dielectrics which create a BioActive field, a living capacitor that can serve and cause biology to thrive inside. We sell home units as well as larger units for wellness centers.


Meet Team Light’s Media Magicians, César Gamiño and Susie Lohse, of Dirty Cues Productions. This LA based dynamic duo is our go-to for all things filmmaking! With decades of experience between them, their innate talents and passion for raising social awareness via cinematic storytelling, makes them an integral force in Humanity’s Great Awakening.


Visiting Sedona and want a once in a lifetime experience? Then, meet Team Light’s Number One Sedona Tour Company! With state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding guides, Sedona UFO Tours will do everything to exceed your expectations. They currently offer UFO, Vortex and Meditation Tours, where fun can be complimented with exploration, education, and adventure!


Intuitive Wellness is not just a holistic center for spiritual health, we are a consciousness. Our team has several individuals with unique spiritual gifts to help one discover their true selves and recover their true spirituality. We do this by providing many forms of healing such as Reiki energy healing using crystals, stones, & wands, Holophotonic light therapy for the skin using 3D hologram Biofeedback technology, Guided Meditations with and without light activation, and Holophotonic Light Activation to unlock hidden secrets about your own true identity.

T.J. Clark

Our tried and true go-to for all things supplements. This company has been in business for over 100 years and their high quality vitamin and mineral elixirs have been a Team Light favorite for nearly a decade. As the resonance of the Planet up levels, so must our bodies! We highly recommend Legendary Colloidal Minerals, MSM Liquid Supplement, and Liquid Coenzyme Q10.


Legendary Colloidal Minerals
MSM Liquid Supplement
Liquid Coenzyme Q10